Here are my thoughts on the new Grayson motorcycle jacket from Fox Creek Leather. I felt like a kid at Christmas when the UPS guy dropped off my package. I could hardly wait to get the box open and see if the quality of the leather and workmanship stood up to what I had been reading. I was not disappointed at all. The first thing to grab my attention was the weight of the jacket this is no light weight gear. The second thing to grab my attention was the softness of the leather. I was thinking with 3-4oz. naked leather there would be a break in period before it started getting softer. Let’s just say I was wrong about that. The leather is very soft right from the box. I tried the jacket on and it fit like it was tailor made for me. I was a little worried about ordering a jacket on the internet but taking the time to go by the size chart and taking the proper measurements paid off. Rachel at Fox Creek was very helpful in taking my order also. I give the whole Fox Creek Team 2 thumbs up!
          I removed the jacket so I could check out the details. One of the concerns I had when first looking at it was its going to be to snug. I was comparing it to my old jacket which is 2 sizes to big for me. The expansion joints in the shoulders allow plenty of movement. The stitching on the jacket is excellent, didn't have to trim any stray threads anywhere. Attention to detail is evident on the Grayson jacket. It is loaded with features that only make the ride that much better. As I live in the central part of South Carolina You know how wacky our weather can be at times. So I have had temperatures from the lower 40’s to 85 degree days to see how well this jacket works. It has passed my entire test with flying colors. The full sleeve removable Thinsulate liner works very well on keeping the cold at bay. The built in neck warmer is a great feature in itself. It is attached to the liner by 2 buttons and can be used still attached or can be taken loose from the liner. I prefer to leave it attached as I feel there is less chance of losing it that way. The only thing I would change about this feature is the Velcro fastener system. The Velcro works great but I would like to have a little more adjustment in this area. It works fine as it is and sure beats the old bandanna trick and the fleece feels a lot better than cotton.  Makes you wonder why this was not standard on Motorcycle jackets years ago. Seeing as I have a small neck would like the option to make the neck warmer a little snugger.
    Let’s get back to some of the other features on the Grayson jacket. It has 2 inside pockets, one that snaps and one that zips shut. The pockets are very deep which is a plus. My older jackets had pockets but you could hardly get a pack of peanuts in them. All the hardware works very well from the snaps to the zippers. I also like the snap side adjustment on this jacket. I feel it gives a cleaner streamline look to it versus the side lacing adjustment like my old coats. It features 3 zippered outside pockets, 2 at the waist and 1 on the left breast. They all have ample room for all your gadgets and the zippers work very well even going down the road in case you forgot to close it. No wrestling or having to stop to zip it up. The cuffs zip up nice and comfortable and fit inside your gloves just right to keep that cool breeze from blowing up your arm. I also like the reflective piping just above the kidney panel. It does not stand out unless the light hits it a night. I think will help you be more visible to the cagers at night if you are riding alone.
            When I first got my jacket the weather was still on the cooler side so I left the liner in. Well I have had some 80 degree days in the last few weeks and have taken the liner out.  The 2 sleeve vents and the back vents allow plenty of air to circulate through the jacket. With my old jackets would have felt like I was in a sauna. It did not feel like you were wearing a leather jacket at all. 
            Everyone that has seen this jacket has asked me about it. Like me the first thing they comment on is the weight. Then they start talking about how good it looks and wanting to know more about it. One person even smelled the jacket and commented that cheap leather does not smell like that. Just shows there are lots of ways to determine quality in leather. I am getting ready to have a grandson and look forward to seeing him wear this jacket one day. 
          I do have to say the Fox Creek Leather team has won my loyalty and business. If you want great customer service and prompt shipment of orders you can’t go wrong with this team. I for one will not be afraid of ordering anything online from this company. If you are looking for a great jacket you can’t go wrong with the Grayson jacket from Fox Creek Leather. I know they have my business from now on.

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