I ordered my vest while it was still pretty cold here in South Carolina. I was anxious to see how it would wear and breathe when the weather starting warming up. Like my other Fox Creek gear the fit was right on the money. I use to be a little  scared  to  order leathers  online because of the hassle that would be if it did not fit properly. The Fox Creek crew has taken that fear away as they work on customer satisfaction being #1 on the list. I took my measurements and called them up. After reviewing my info they suggested what would be the right size for me. They  were right as it fit like I had been at the shop getting measured and fitted on the spot.
         I was  surprised when the vest showed up at my door just a day or so after placing my order. I couldn't wait to get the box open and check it out. The rich smell of leather greeted my nose as I pulled the vest out and looked it over. This is what I like to refer to as Old School quality leathers but without the break in period. The leather is soft right from the start. The wife commented on how much better it looked then my old one and how heavy it felt. It does have some weight to it but you can not tell it after putting it on. I have worn the vest all day and never have the urge to take it off. After the weather started getting into the 80’s around here I thought sure I would want to take it off and put it in the saddlebag at some point. Not so, the mesh lining and perforated leather allow plenty of air circulation. Yes it is like anything else if you are standing in direct sunlight it will get a little warm but riding down the road it feels really good. 
      I for one like the big inside pockets and the 2 outside pockets as I am always looking for places to stash my sun glasses, extra cards for my camera, smokes and other things I tend to need. Everyone I tell about the vest really like the gun pocket on the left side.  They also comment on the quality and feel of it when I let them hold it to check out. One friend of mine has already said when his old stuff starts wearing out he’s looking into getting some of this leather. I feel  the perforated vest also makes a good year round vest as it works well under the jacket in colder weather to add a little extra warmth. Fox Creek you have outdone yourself again as I cannot find anything bad to say about this vest. It wears well and gives me all the storage places I need. I hope to pass this vest on to my grandson one day. Keep up the good work and I for one will spread the word on the fine leather products you produce.

Perforated Buffalo Nickel Vest Review 
 Me wearing the New Perforated Buffalo Nickel Vest from Fox Creek Leather.
 Getting ready to load up for our Maggie Valley weekend.

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Perforated Buffalo Nickel Vest
leather lined gun pocket
Leather lined inside gun pocket on the left side. click image for larger view.
Great braid and stitch work. click image for larger view.
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