Charity Rides and Poker Runs

There is no better reason to get That Bike out of the garage then a ride that will benefit someone in need. It does not matter if it is for one person or a organization that helps the critically ill or developing a cure for incurable diseases that take so many from us each year. We as Bikers/Motorcyclist have always supported these kind of causes. If I knew of a ride and could not make it and believed in the cause would go ahead and pay the entry fee as a donation. Check out your local rides and help make a difference in someone's life today.

Lets not forget these fine people either.Click to support our troops & Veterans
   Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association
If you are from out of state or the upstate or low country of S.C. and would like to donate to these worthy causes contact the sponsors. as we all know all donations help no matter how small. Like throwing your change in a jar after a while you are surprised at how much is there. I've made the statement many times We throw that much money away on trivial stuff and don't think twice. Lets all step up and help the people who need it most. Thank you and Ride Safe.