We come from small town America. A place called Gilbert,about 30 miles south of Columbia S.C. We don't even have a stoplight in town and our claim to fame is the 4th of July Peach Festival.We still hold on to the values that our parents and grandparents taught us. Gilbert has also been a motorcycle town since the early 70's when alot of our brothers were riding those old shovel and panheads.

       Our Goal is to provide Quality Service and Products to our Customers.We have teamed up with Fox Creek Leather to bring top of the line products to you. We also try to sell only products made right here in the USA. Fox Creek has been in the leather game for 30 years or so. read more of the Fox Creek Leather story here.

       The team at Fox Creek have proven to me that customer satisfaction is one of their priority's. They stand behind their products and will bend over backward to to please the customer if the problem is legitimate. Which is why I stress take the proper measurements and you will not be sorry. Thanks for visiting us and come back soon.

   Whatever it is it's better in the wind.
       Ride those motorcycles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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